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move merge replication without snapshot

Hi Experts,

We have a big challange here.
We are running SQL2000 here with a merge replication to SQL2000 Servers.
Let me describe at follows.

D_exist = Distributor SQL 2000
D_new = Distributor SQL 2005
S1-5 = Subscriber

The database is around 10GB. The bandwith between the D*+S is at max about 512kB, so not the best speed.

Well now the D_exist is on old Hardware situated, and we have to move the server to other hardware. We have installed a new server as D_new. That Server is also up and running. Well, now we have to migrate that particular database from D_exist to D_new. How can we do that?

Is it possible to:
- stop the replication
- delete publication and delete all subscriptions
- move the DB to D_new
- create a new publication
- tell the server that all the date on the subscribers are available (and if yes, how)
- start the replication

are there other possibilities to move such a replication without copy the snapshot.

thank you
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Kevin Hill
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Nope.  Replication is dependent on the server name(s), so if you can do it at all the new physical server must end up with the same name as the old one when replication was established.  Stop all the agents, move all the databases to the new server, rename it, test, restart the agents (high-level there...not exact steps).  If it works that is how it will work.

Test first on different boxes.
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thank you

is it possible to start a replication without make a snapshot. I mean the data is still at the locations, and I want to start the replication with existing data.
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Kevin Hill
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