what does renegade means in VSS

hi in my visual source safe..
some files are showing renegade as the status..what does it mean?
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Renegade: The local copy has been edited but it is not checked out by you.

A file is determined to be Renegade by comparing file modification times. When a Save command is executed on a local file, its modification time is updated to the current time. SourceOffSite recognizes that the time has changed so it checks whether the file is checked out by you.

If the file is modified and not checked out by you, then the Status column displays the value of Renegade. The Local Date column is also updated with the recent modification time.
Gautham JanardhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The local copy has been edited but it is not checked out by you.
Gautham JanardhanCommented:
:-( page didnt refresh..sorry
samir25Author Commented:
actually here is teh flow of what happ.
i checked in and i got an error "server was unable to perform an automatic merge. to merge confilicts, go to tools->merge->show.....etc.
i went and did the same and it showed me 3 panels. this was displayed to me
changes applied from left panel:0 additiions,0 deletions,0replacements
changes applied from right panel:0 additiions,0 deletions,0replacements
changes applied from both panel:0 additiions,1 deletions,20replacements
when i closed this it asked me if i have solved my conflicts. since i felt there are no conficlts (bec i didnt see any) so i clicked no.

sourceoffsite showed me a status of CHECK OUT...but when i clicked show differences i already had the changes on SOS. i could see my cahnges and comments. so i didnt understand what happened...
and then i closed sourceoffsite and opened again and clicked get the latest version...and on doing that i get renegade.

why are my changes showing in SOS? are they already on SOS?
what should i do now. if i checkin again with the same comments...wont it increase the version again?
Can you check if you're version (on your local pc) in the working folder on the file is marked as read-only or not. (if it's checked in, it should be readonly)
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