RAID? Can I use two different RAID's?

I want to use RAID 1 for the primary OS
I want to use Raid 0 for the data.

Is this OK

Or should I use raid 1 and partition it.

I currently have 2 72GB HDD as Raid 1
I have several available to use.
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Raid 10 requires 4 or more disks. You can loose 2 of them and the array still works.

You want 2 arrays, one raid 1 for the OS and one raid 10 for the data, so booting isn't an issue. If you used raid 10 for the whole system, you would still be able too boot, even if 2 disks were gone!
Sure, but it isn't advisable to use raid 0 for data, if something goes wrong you loose it all. It's better to use raid 5 or 10 for data (3 disks for raid 5, 4 for raid 10).
I will go with Rindi....
Raid 5 is best and also Raid 6/10 is also good for Data.
OS should be advisable for Raid 1 (Mirroring) , but it would be could you should always have System State Backup files on regular backup.
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Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
So do I use Raid 1 for the OS and Raid 5 For the Data
Or just use Raid 5 with partitions?
Assuming the first.   I use a very good backup so my thought was just to have a single disk as the OS up and running is more important to me.
Raid 1 for the OS and raid 5 or even 1 as well for the data. Raid 5 reads faster than raid 1, and raid 10 writes and reads faster.
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
Raid 10, I have just had a quick look at its Raid 1+0 so this is Raid 10 yer.
Does this mean on a two-disk raid 10 either disk can fail and then remove disk and put a new one in then this will rebuild.   Does each disk have the same boot ability?   So either disk can fail and the server will reboot fine?


I am a dyslexic use and suffer from short-term memory loss.   I am not able to process a lot of information, so searching google for RAID does not help.   Having said this, I understand easy speaks.   This is why I use forums.
I am not lazy just the way im built.

Thanks for your help.
Technically speaking you cannot have just 2 disks in RAID 10 but HP are lazy in their GUI so they call it RAID 10 even though officially it is RAID 1. You can indeed lose a disk and just replace it and it will rebuild, it is advisable to plug the replacement in with the server running. With 4 disks in RAID 10 you can sometimes lose two disks and it keeps going but it has to be the right two that fail, i.e. disks that are not mirrored to each other.

I would go for RAID 10 for the data for better performance, it's not as if they are very expensive and you can always add more disks to the array later on and expand it if you run short of space. An alternative on a low budget is to convert from RAID 10 to RAID 5 on the fly if space gets short.
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
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