OWA No Longer Works SBS 2003

outlook web access doesn't work anymore neither from inside the company nor form outside world (it used to work!)
environnement: SBS 2003 with 2 network cards + Exchange 2003
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You can upload pictures here -> http://www.ee-stuff.com

If none of that is working, then it is time to get serious - reset the virtual directories -> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883380

Define "doesn't work"
mbuisseretAuthor Commented:
when trying
http;//name of the server/exchange
http://ip address of the server/exchange

the answer is :
 Internet explorer cannot display the webpage
P.S. I will not be available untill tonight (in Brussels GMT+1) 21:00
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What happens when you try it without the /exchange?

Just http://yourserver

Have you recently installed anything on the server?

Did you configure this server using the SBS wizards, specifically, the CEICWizard?
mbuisseretAuthor Commented:
When browsing to the answer is :
Welcome to Windows Small Business Server 2003
and the usual stufs you see from SBS

nothing is installed on the SBS exept the udates (Microsoft and McAfee)

And I did indeed configure with CEICWizard
OK, If you have been using the CEICWizard, then running it again can't cause any harm.  That should flush out any bad configurations.

Not my ideal answer, more like chicken soup.
mbuisseretAuthor Commented:
dont know how to send you 'print screens'
I have done the CEICWizard and enabled and disabled the firewall but nothing helps
what else?
mbuisseretAuthor Commented:
thanks kb883380 worked fine and I can start OWA again
but it takes 4 minutes loading and ends with an incomplete 'screen' and "error on page" in the lower left corner of the page
mbuisseretAuthor Commented:
again thanks
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