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URL link in a view column which has response docs only to open the parent document

Hi all

1) I have a view that stores response docs only.
2) view has 2 columns,
3) column1 has the description field which is found on response doc
4) column 2, i want to include a text "Click here" where when clicked it will open the associated parent document to this response doc
5) I have place the following behind column 2 to open the document, but it seems to take me back to the response doc instead of the parent

"<td align='left'><a href='test?opendocument&ParentUNID="+@Text(@DocumentUniqueID)+"'>Click Here </a></td>")

That's not working


Also not working

Your ideas on how to fix this is much appreciated


2 Solutions
U should be using:
"<td align='left'><a href=\"/"+"viewname/"+@Text(@DocumentUniqueID)+"?opendocument&ParentUNID="+@Text(@DocumentUniqueID)+"'>Click Here </a></td>")

Give it a try.
If possible try to build a URL and open the same on web and check.
You're close, but if you want to open the parent document, then the URL must contain the parent document's UNID.  The UNID of a response document's parent is contained in the $REF field.  So the url you need to use should look like this...

viewName := "Parents";
"<a href=\"/"+ @WebDbName + "/" + viewName + "/"+@Text($REF)+"?OpenDocument\">Click Here</a>"

If the current view contains the parents, then you could change the first line to...

viewName := @ViewTitle[1];
varvouraAuthor Commented:

I needed to add the square brackets to your formula and then it worked perfect.

viewName := "Parents";
"[<a href=\"/"+ @WebDbName + "/" + viewName + "/"+@Text($REF)+"?OpenDocument\">Click Here</a>]"


Many thanks for trying to help, I am sure I'll be able to use your formula in various other scenarios



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