Sonicwall Limiting Internet Bandwidth


Im looking for information regarding Sonicwall Pro 1260.  I have read up on the information from the sonicwal site but am still a bit confused.

i have a pro 1260 and have recently upgraded our DSL line to 20MB.  We are not seeing the benefit of the faster line and i believe it has something to do with the gateway antivirus that the sonicwall has installed on it.  What is the best way to test or can someone tell me if the 20MB line will work with the 1260.  I have turned of the gateway antivirus and did a speed test with no change

thanks in advance
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David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
well the documentation says its throughput is 38.93 mbps


What is the DPI throughput of the PRO 1260?
DPI throughput (meaning the appliance is doing SPI, NAT, IPS, and GAV/SPY all at once) is 4.43 Mbps, regardless
of SonicOS version.

so if your unit is doing all those services it is max at 4.43 mpbs

to test the the line itself, plug directly to the modem and test the speed.  

and by the way---20mb!!!???? wholy $%$@#$#@ that is alot of bandwidth.  
Opie6373 is right. You should see close to the same speed with Security Services turned off for ALL zones as you would connecting a computer directly to the internet modem/router. There shouldn't be more than a 15% performance loss going through the 1260 without any Security Services enabled.

One thing you might have missed is the MTU. Depending on the provider it is usually better to set the MTU to about 1492 instead of the default (1500). This would become significantly noticeable @20mbps.
SparkeyGlynnAuthor Commented:
Greatly Appreciated
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