Slow shared folders access between two 2003 Servers

Servers involved :
Terminal Server : Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition SP1 on a DMZ
File Server : Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2 on the internal LAN
Linux box (Gentoo) with Shorewall acting as Firewall in between

Issue :

Has me absolutely puzzled.

Access from the Terminal Server to a shared folder on the File Server is extremely slow (more than 5min to open a 3MB excel doc). Idem to copy files ...

I have another server on the DMZ (Exchange). Access to the SAME shared folder is absolutely normal (can copy the SAME file in just a sec). Here I discard problems with the FW.

Even more puzzling. If I access from the Terminal Server a shared folder in ANOTHER internal LAN server, it works perfectly fine (being able to copy a file of several MB in just secs). Here I discard problems with the Terminal Server itself.

Then is something just about my Terminal Server and my File Server.

Discarded also SP2 issues (File Server my first server with SP2) because I can access the shared folders correctly from the Exchange Server.

Any ideas ?.



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netnounoursConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check duplex settings. Better, as they are servers, force the speed/duplex on both sides (servers and switches).

perehospitalAuthor Commented:
Good. Finally it was the network card of the server that for some strange reason was causing all of this.

I tried to update the driver without success, finally I changed the connection to the second NIC of the server and everything worked fine.

What I still don't understand is why it was working at normal speed with other servers and just had this slowness problem with the file server ...

Anyway, fixed. Thanks for putting me in the correct track.
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