Actionscript problem with attachMovie and displaying text in a textinput

Actionscript / Flash Problem

I have created a dynamic movie clip which has a number of text inputs in it i need to create this movic clip and then put text in the inputs ,
if i trace out to the output panel the text value of the inputs i get the right value but it wont display in the text input

here is the as class

import mx.controls.DateField;
import mx.controls.Button;
import mx.controls.TextInput;
import mx.controls.DataGrid;
import mx.utils.Delegate;

class CreateMARChartForm extends arpx.ArpXForm
      var startDateField:DateField;
      var endDateField:DateField;
      var pDataGrid:DataGrid;
      var saveDetailsButton:Button;
      var detailsArray:Array;

      function CreateMARChartForm()


      function onLoad()
            saveDetailsButton.addEventListener("click", Delegate.create(this , saveDetails) );
      var pVO;
      var mcArray:Array;
      var intervalID;
      public function populatep(pVO:PVO):Void
            mcArray = new Array();
            this.pVO = pVO;
            for(var i = 0; i < pVO.getPArray().length; i++)
                  var p = pVO.getPArray()[i];

                  var rowItem:Array = new Array();
                  rowItem['Qty']      = p.getQuantity() + " " + p.getUomName();
                  rowItem['Item'] = p.getPName();

                   mcArray[i] = this.attachMovie("marTimings", "marTimings_mc"+i, this.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:50, _y:180 + (i * 60)});


            p.getColumnAt(0).cellRenderer = "MultiLineCell";
            .selectedIndex = 0 ;

      private function prepopulateDetails():Void
            for(var i = 0; i < VO.getPItemArray().length; i++)
                  var pItem = pVO.getItemArray()[i];
                  var detailsArray:Array = pItem.getMARDetails();
                  if(detailsArray != undefined)
                        mcArray[i].time1TextInput.label.text = detailsArray[0][0];
                        mcArray[i].time2TextInput.label.text = detailsArray[0][1];
                        mcArray[i].time3TextInput.label.text = detailsArray[0][2];
                        mcArray[i].time4TextInput.label.text = detailsArray[0][3];
                        mcArray[i].time5TextInput.label.text = detailsArray[0][4];

                        mcArray[i].quantity1TextInput.text = detailsArray[1][0];
                        mcArray[i].quantity2TextInput.text = detailsArray[1][1];
                        mcArray[i].quantity3TextInput.text = detailsArray[1][2];
                        mcArray[i].quantity4TextInput.text = detailsArray[1][3];
                        mcArray[i].quantity5TextInput.text = detailsArray[1][4];            

      private function setUpDataGrid():Void
            pDataGrid.getColumnAt(0).width = 250;
            pDataGrid.getColumnAt(1).width = 75;
            pDataGrid.sortableColumns = false;
            pDataGrid.rowHeight = 40;
      private function saveDetails():Void
            detailsArray = new Array();

            for(var i = 0; i < pVO.getItemArray().length; i++)
                  var timeingsArray = new Array(new Array(), new Array());
                  timeingsArray[0][0] = mcArray[i].time1TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[0][1] = mcArray[i].time2TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[0][2] = mcArray[i].time3TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[0][3] = mcArray[i].time4TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[0][4] = mcArray[i].time5TextInput.text;

                  timeingsArray[1][0] = mcArray[i].quantity1TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[1][1] = mcArray[i].quantity2TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[1][2] = mcArray[i].quantity3TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[1][3] = mcArray[i].quantity4TextInput.text;
                  timeingsArray[1][4] = mcArray[i].quantity5TextInput.text;

      public function getTimeings():Array
            return detailsArray;

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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
use "anti-alias for animation" type from drop down
and embed the font glyphs
jockmahonAuthor Commented:
The inputs are the TextInput UI component not a textinput does that make a difference

Aneesh ChopraCommented:
if you have used any mask on the movieClip which has textInput UI components, then you must used embed fonts..

instance.embedFonts = true;
jockmahonAuthor Commented:
There are no masks applied to the mc, when the form is loading i can briefly see the values before the inputs full load this is when i use the following to place the values ins

mcArray[i].time1TextInput.label.text = detailsArray[0][1];
jockmahonAuthor Commented:
ok changed all the components to textinputs and have it working now not exactly what i wanted but have been at it all day and getting so buggered off with it , thanks for your help
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