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I have written a few custom web applications (Lab Tracking, Warranty Tracking, CRM, QIS) for my company.  Now departments are asking for webspace where they can control the content of the site. For example, HR wants to post jobs and employee manuals.  R&D want to manage a FAQ site and have a document sharing area.  I'm thinking this would be a great time to implement a CMS solution into our Coldfusion box.  I want to give a few users some limited ability to create and manage their own stuff, but not loose control entirely.  I am asking for ideas or recommended products.  Probably some of the sites will require me to add some query results.  So I willl need the ability to tweak what they do.  Does anyone have a recommendation for me?  Also, I am not sure if this is where the Fusebox, Model-Glue, Mach-II technologies come into play?  Also, our stuff is never too complicated.  It'm a one-man web development department.  I have the freedom to choose whatever I want.  Something quick and simple works for me!
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R_HosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Speaking from experience CMS systems are typically a pain to setup.  There are a lot of inexpensive/open source CF CMS applications out there on the web (, - currently down), that said there are a lot of expensive CF CMS applications (  

I have experience with all three and there are pluses and minuses with all of them.  The biggest pain with any CMS is getting it working the way you want as opposed to the way the designers wanted.  You wouldn't imagine that would be an issue but getting permission schemes, AD integration, work flow, etc. configured can be a real nightmare.

If your tied to CF I would go with FarCry.

Otherwise for the type of stuff that your looking at doing right out of the box you may want to take a look at plone ( which is written in python.  Out of the box it will do a great deal for you with out any need to know python and then can be extended almost with out limit down the line.

sulzenerAuthor Commented:
If I go with plone, do I need a python server?  Not sure I'm asking the right question.  I'd like to use something where I could access a SQL db for access rights.  Passing a CF Session variable would be nice.  Or something of the equivalent.  Is the python product as easy as CFML?
sulzenerAuthor Commented:
Any more comments from anyone before I award the points?
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