How can I connect to ACT! 2006 database from Crystal 10


I was wondering if someone could help me to connect crystal 10 to an act!2006 database. The act database files are .pad or .adf (I am not sure). when I open crystal I have no Idea how to connect to act. There is an act folder in crystal however It only has .dbf datbase file extensions which I believe are from older versions of act.

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According to this Act 2006 isn't supported.  That is probably because it didn't exist when CR10 was released.

The list for CR XI also doesn't show Act! 2006.

You probably need an updated database driver.  You may have to get it from Act!.

zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
we had to purchase something called ACT Reader from Sage in order to use ODBC to ACT 2006.

ACT Reader comes in two forms:  read only access, and read/write access.  we purchased the read only access.

when you install ACT Reader, it will take you through the process of setting up a password for a read only account.  Sage makes it seem like you have to then request 1 ACT Reader per machine that uses ACT.  this is not true.  you only need 1 ACT Reader and it should be installed on the computer that hosts the main ACT database.  you can then use that username and password on any other computer and configure Data Sources/ODBC (Microsoft SQL Server DSN) using the same settings that you used when setting up the ACT Reader.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
You can access ACT! 2005-2008 via two ways from Crystal Reports:

1. As zephyr_hex says... the ACTReader, which is READ ONLY access directly to the SQL engine of the ACT! database. This can be a bit confusing as there are many tables that have to be linked. You cannot write to the ACT! database using ACTReader. To get info on ACTRead, see -

2. OLEDB - see

For people look at doing work with Crystal Reports on the ACT! database, I usually recommend that they have a look at Crystal Clear Reports - It'll make you life easier and it has a bunch of CRW reports that you can customise built in
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