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Reading special characters from CSV with Visual Basic .NET

ablesa asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-23
I created a csv file (using excel 2007).  I need to be able to save text from different languages in this file, and I can.  I paste phrases in the csv, save it and when I open the file, the phrases show up exactly as I pasted them in.  An example of one such phrase is "Disposición".  The problem is that I need to process this csv with a visual basic program (using Visual Studio 2005).  When I read the lines of the csv into VB, the accented character shows up as a "square"...

Here's a snippet of my code:
        Dim fileLine As String

        ' open the file...
        Using streamReader As New IO.StreamReader(txtFileName.Text)

            fileLine = streamReader.ReadLine

"fileLine" contains:  "Disposiciýn"

Can someone tell me how I can read this csv and get the special characters?  I've tried creating my StreamReader like so:
Using streamReader As New IO.StreamReader(txtFileName.Text, Encoding.Unicode)

and this is worse...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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You can also use 1252, like this:

    Using streamReader As New IO.StreamReader(txtFileName.Text, Encoding.GetEncoding(1252))


the first one works with the spanish, but as I was testing further, I see that I now have a problem with my csv file.  I copied and pasted some chinese characters into my csv and saved it (using Arial).  When I pasted the text into the file, it was displaying properly, but when I save and re-open the file, it displays "????" where the chinese characters should have been.  Any ideas there?

Thanks so much for your help!
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I'm not sure how to handle that, because they use different encodings.  You may need to come up
with a way to tag each section with the appropriate codepage (ex. 1252 for Western-European), and
then extract the tag and change encoding before reading it...



no  problem.  thanks for your help.  You got me past the major hurdle!  
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