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Hi, I'm trying to create some buttons for my web site using FlashMX 04. I created 5 buttons and they are in the Library. I now need to add url's to each button. I drag the first button onto the stage, right-click and edit. I insert keyframes in the UP Over and Down frames. I select the Down frame and click the plus sign in Actions - Global Functions - Browser/Network - getURL but the "getURL" is grayed out. What am I doing wrong?


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thebrainmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Tim,

You have created the button and just need to add the code to it.  Do not put the code inside of the button.  Back out of it all the way until you are on the stage..  What you need to do is basically attached the actionscript to the entire button. So... lets pretend you just dragged your new button onto the stage.  After you have it in place, click on it once and then open your actions panel.  There you will want to add the following...

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