HP EVA 4100 vs EMC


we are planning to purchase a SAN system similar to an HP EVA4100 storage system. We are now very well informed about EVA4100 characteristics, but we are wondering if EMC has a better product (Clarion, i think)

I would like opinons or references to comparisons of both systems, in terms of price, high availability, performance, etc... Wich one would you get? Why)

Any independent comparisons out there i can check?

Any comment or link will be very helpful.

Thanks again
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kkransConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recommend the EVA, it has one of the coolest controllers around with VRAID functionality. Vraid is a Virtual RAID function for your drives. Also HP is more open when it comes to support and service options compared to EMC. It easily costs a lot more with EMC.

EVA is very reliable. It has been around for few years end been debugged (lol, it was somewhat buggy in the beginning) well.

End of story... the EMC you compare against feels like stone age compared to the EVA box.
llandajuelaAuthor Commented:
Thanks kkrans

The problem is i am also an EVA follower. I would like to hear things against it.

Good answer anyway!

this is a very political question...  People familiar with HP will recommend EVA. People knowing the Clariion will recommend EMC.

I know the Clariions better. CX3 is the actual product range. Considering performance it's supposed to be better, it's fully redundant with 4GBit/s throughput from the front to the very backend.

VRAID seems a nice solution, there is also a downside - you never know where your data actually is. performance optimizing and tiering gets almost impossible. With a Clariion you can build high performance groups for like SAP and low performance RAID -groups for the FileServer and you always know ecaxtly where the data is.

EMC also offers a broad SW portfolio and different support and service options.

did you also check 3PAR?
I would also check out NetApp's offerings as well. They are currently second to EMC in the Mid Range (CX, EVA) market
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