Error code 5 Access denied whe installing ANY program

I have a computer that gives me error code 5 move file (sometimes folder) failed.  I can not install anything at all.  There was an isass.exe process that was running, but is not not there.

When I try to load stand alone programs to remove virus scanners they will not run.

This may ahve started with the unstall of one version of McAfee for the enterprise version..

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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
isass.exe belongs to Optix.Pro virus

Run this online trend micro virus scan

If you had Norton installed, here is its removal tool

McAfee Removal Tool

Install AVG Free Antivirus

or Avast Free Antivirus

post back the results.....
Do you have local administrator rights on the machine?
Can you check your file permissions on the specified file(s)/folder(s)?
HardwarezAuthor Commented:
Yes I do
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HardwarezAuthor Commented:
There is no security tab on this machines folders
OK, simple test for the file permissions: can you add files to the problem folder(s) and then remove them again?
>> There is no security tab on this machines folders

if its XP Home, you have to login as Administrator in safemode to get that tab
for XP Pro, goto Explorer>Tools>Folder Options>View and untick Simple File Sharing
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