New user not showing up in Global Address List

I have created a new user in Active Directory and created his mailbox in Exchange 2007.  This is the first and so far only time I have used Exchange 2007.  Many users can't see him in the GAL.  If I log in to there terminal server as any user I can see him.  I tried running some shell command I found in a KB article but it didn't seem to work.  The new 2007 setup is still very foreign to me.  Any help is much appreciated.
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Just to correct what has been written above...

The GAL is not created daily, the Offline Address Book is.
The OAB is a copy of the GAL.

You should see the user in any client that is live - so OWA uses live information and as you cannot use Outlook in cached mode you can see the user through that Outlook installation.
However any clients using cached mode will be using the OAB. It can be up to 48 hours before a new account is seen in the OAB.
While it is possible to change the time between the OAB being generated, this will often not help because Outlook only downloads the OAB once a day if constantly running or when it is started. The behaviour cannot be changed. You can also force it to download using the Send/Receive Menu.

The GAL is rebuilt on a daily basis.  If you created the user today, you can force a GAL rebuild, or wait til tomorrow.   This also requires that you close and reopen Outlook, or do a send an receive on the offline addressbook.

If the user was created before today, then you may have accidently hidden the user from the addressbook.   Check the user properties on the exchange advanced tab.
hindsightAuthor Commented:
That makes sense to me.  I thought about the cached mode affecting it.  Only problem is, it's been over a week now.  A user can't see the new person on their laptop in the office but can go home, log in to the app server and see them there.  You would think enough time has passed.  It isn't just one system, either.
If your OAB isn't updating correctly then no one would see the updates in cached mode, but anyone who is using Outlook live (ie no cached mode) or OWA would see the updates.

Have you verified that the OAB is being generated correctly?


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