Creating custom DHCP scope options for Novell 5.1?

We're installing a Shoretel IP phone system with VLan tagging using custom scope options 156.  We've done this a million times on MS servers but never on a Novell server.  Is there a way to assign these options so that when the phones boot up they see the scope option and redirect to the VLan2 network?

Here are examples of the DHCP scope options we use on a MS Server:
     042 NTP Servers: 192.168.X.X
     066 Boot Server Host Name: 192.168.X.X
     156 IP Phone Boot Server:  FtpServers=192.168.X.X.Layer2Tagging=1,VlanId=2
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OK, what you'd do is create a new option 156 called "IP Phone Boot Server" with a "string" syntax type, so you can enter the info.

Once the option is defined in Global Options, you would add it to the subnet that you want to get the option and put "FtpServers-192.168.x.x.Layer2Tagging=1,VlanId=2" in the string field for the option.

To activate it, unload DHCPSRVR and reload it at the server console.

Note that the DHCP server for NetWare 5.1 follows the RFC so if your IP phones are expecting all options to be sent regardless of whether they request an option, it may not work anyway.

It depends on whether or not the DHCPSRVR.NLM is the latest one for NetWare 5.1, and if so, whether or not that version has the command-line option "--all-options" available.  It was added to NetWare 6.5 SP4's DHCPSRVR.NLM.  The load line should be changed in autoexec.ncf to read "LOAD DHCPSRVR --all-options"  I don't know if NetWare 5.1 was still a supported version at the time this option was added to the DHCPSRVR module, and even so, whether Novell determined a need to make the command-line option available to NetWare 5.1.   My guess is it does not.
Novell makes several OSes including NetWare, OES and SusE Linux, as wel as several other products.  You've got a NetWare 5.1 server.

NetWare 5.1 DHCP services are configurd using the Java DNS/DHCP console on an administrative workstation.

Option 156 is not one of the standard options in the NetWare DHCP service, but if you know the syntax, you can add whatever options you want, using the Global Preferences, DHCP Options Table tab.  You don't have to tweak the registry to add an unlisted option like you do with Windows DHCP.

I'll see if I can find the syntax for you.
dennismayAuthor Commented:
I gave some bad info, they're actually using Netware 6.5.  Hope that helps.
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Ooh.  That's good.  See my last paragraph.  Make sure they have SP4 or later so you can push the option regardless of whether it's requested.
dennismayAuthor Commented:
Worked great!!! Thanks!
You're quite welcome.
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