Move shared Business Contacts Manager database to different directory

I just realized I made a mistake when installing BCM on our server 2003 standard, I was using my user which is an admin but it installed the bcm database into my documents and settings/user directory which it apparently then automatically shared to all the users on the server which means that now all other users have access to my directory. I want to move the database to the documents and settings/all users directory like it would have done if I'd installed it with the default Administrator account and want to know the best way to do that.
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earth-travelerAuthor Commented:
I believe from going through your links I found a free tool that was supposed to disconnect a bcm database, let you move it, and then reconnect it. Now I can't find it and now is when I have time to work on it. Any ideas?
earth-travelerAuthor Commented:
Actually never mind, I found it again. It's the following that I was trying to find again.

You can shortcut the SQL command steps in the whitepaper by downloading a
free copy of SQL Management Studio for SQL Express 2005. This allows you to
detach a database and move it to another folder on the hard drive or a
different PC. Then, you attach the database in its new location.
earth-travelerAuthor Commented:
This appeared to require some scripting so I ended up just uninstalling, reinstalling and reimporting my database and deleting the original. I believe I now have things set the way I want.
Thanks for your help!
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