Cisco command for interface Uptime

Is there a command to find out how long a particular interface has been up?
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There is nothing that says "serial 0/0 has been up for xxxx days"
You have to have a network monitoring station either using snmp polling or enable syslog with a syslog parser to determine when an individual interface goes up or down, then the application keeps track of it.

Show version will tell you how long a router has been up, but not how long the interfaces have been up.

ROUTER uptime is 7 weeks, 21 hours, 15 minutes
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Really kludgly, but you COULD log events to a syslog server. Interface state changes would be included. Then you could review the logs.

It ain't pretty, but you'd get the info you were looking for.
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