waitresource explanation on sysprocesses (sql2000)

on sqlserver2000 sp3 I've a problem with a job that hungs, on sysprocesses I find the spid in running with this lastwaittype PAGEIOLATCH_SH and this waitresource 5:3:93291.
The only thing that I can do is kill the spid.
My problem is that I don't know how mean this value (5:3:93291). I understand that the first number is db but what mean the other two numbers and how I can use this value to understand the problem
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ptjcbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FROM http://support.microsoft.com/kb/224453

This field indicates the resource that a SPID is waiting on. The following table lists common waitresource formats and their meaning:

Resource      Format      Example
Table      DatabaseID:ObjectID      TAB: 5:261575970
In this case, database ID 5 is the pubs sample database and object ID 261575970 is the titles table.
Page      DatabaseID:FileID:PageID      PAG: 5:1:104
In this case, database ID 5 is pubs, file ID 1 is the primary data file, and page 104 is a page belonging to the titles table.
Key      DatabaseID:ObjectID:IndexID (Hash value for index key)      KEY: 5:261575970:1 (5d0164fb1eac)
In this case, database ID 5 is pubs, object ID 261575970 is the titles table, index ID 1 is the clustered index, and the hash value indicates the index key value for the particular row.
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