Need information on unistalling all unused apps on a win 2000 sbs server.

Need information on unistalling all unused apps on a win 2000 sbs server.  I would like to keep it as a domain controller file server but the users I am supporting no longer want to use exchange which was the only app they were really using on the server.  Has anyone ever done this?  Can anyone give me some guidance on what I should remove and what I shouldn't.  What is the best course of practice?  Uninstalling from add remove panel everything that they are not interested in using?  Thanks.
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dan_blagutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The AD schema was modified when Exchange was installed. The modification consist basicaly in adding some atribute used by echange server and the uninstall process don't delete this. But you can use the AD with another e-mail system and ignore this atribute. Before uninstall i recomend you to do an full backup for system drive, also for system state and registry. In that way you can restore your server at this point if the new e-mail system is not ok.
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Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Don't uninstall exchange from the server unless you know what you are doing. You can just stop the services and disable them. Command prompt: services.msc
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The Exchange server is your communication core engine. If your users don't use Outlook for sharing contacts, or free-busy info, and all your mailboxes is hosted on external system you can uninstall the exchange server.
I think is a better ideea to disable all services Exchange and keep the server like that for a while. If you dont need free space on disk you can leave the server like that, because if you want to install/upgrade an Exchange server on your network you will have to reactivate this server.

kkmamarilAuthor Commented:
Hey Dan,

The user's at that location are going to be moving to a different mail platform.  They plan to continue to use that server only for file storage and as a domain controller.  I am with you that for a couple of month it would probably be best to just disable the exchange services and not to uninstall just incase the user's decide they don't like the new platform.  Although I think it would be a real pain to swap back.  Anyway after we go for a couple of month's is uninstalling exchange from sbs 2000 as simple as removing it from add remove programs?  Or would I have to adjust the user accounts in active directory first?  
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