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Roaming profiles and My Documents folder

We have a single site, single domain network with approx 70 XP pro clients and 4 servers running 2003 SP1.

Most users have their own machine but occasionally log on at other machines so we have roaming profiles enabled.

As users also have a home folder configured, it seems to be a bit of a waste of time them also having a my documents, especially as this is replicating every time they log on/off.

How do the rest of you handle this issue? If you take away the My Docs folder can anybody run through what I need to do to get rid of it?
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Hi, I set a policy to point My Docs to a server share.
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Thanks for the replies so far. I think what I am best doing is redirecting the my docs folder so that it points to their current home folder. (their "Z" drive on our network)

The articles you have suggested, however, seem to cover setting up folder redirection of my docs from scratch (ie with windows automatically creating the folders).

In my situation I have a share called users on my server which already contains 70 plus user folders. Is it possible to use Group Policy to redirect each of my users my docs to their exsiting Z folder?
Forget that last post! Just re-read msguru's post and that link seems to be what I need. I 'll give it a try tomorrow and will post back if i get any problems
you can set through AD user and group select user  select user then profile home folder.
See        How to assign a home folder to a user
many thanks