DB2 Transaction operation fails on large changes


I have a VisualStudio 2005 Web Application (VB) that works with a DB2 Database.
I have a problems when using transactions, but only when the number of changes increase inside the transaction.
The error I get is this one:
[DB2] SQL0805N Package "DBName.NULLID.SYSLH20A.535..." was not found. SQLSTATE 51002

The same code works perfectly with smaller updates. Its only when more updates are made in the transaction that I get the error. An bigger is not that big: I'm talking about maybe 2000 records.

The first time I got this message the name was DBName.NULLID,SYS203. Our DBA 'created' the missing package (I don't know what he did precisely; the term created might be totaly out of place here).
This allowed our application update further, but then we got the same error with another package: DbName.NULLID.204..., then 205 and so on.
Now it's 20A.
We could go on and add them as they come, but I guess it's not the thing to do.
Is there something in DB2 configuration that should be changed? Is a special grant needed to use Transactions? How can I know how many packages will be needed?
I have no knowledge of DB2 Admin.

Thanks for any help.
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the number of packages is constant
it does not depend on the amount of updates you do
it depends on the code you run
you can run the configuration assistant and there is an option to bind cli/odbc packages there
just use that and it should set you free
dapcomAuthor Commented:
Thank you momi_sabag for your quick answer,

I guess I'll need DBA grant to do that, I'll ask them to do it..

dapcomAuthor Commented:
Sorry momi_sabag,

 I thought I already accepted your answer long ago.

It's working fine by the way :)
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