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Crystal Reports .Net Viewer Failed to Render the Page

I have a crystal report that is being displayed in a web app using the crystal report viewer. this report contains 8 sub reports. none of the sub reports will display. The viewer page turns yellow and gives the following error "Error: Fail to render the page." (Fail is Fail in the error not Failed) Yet I can print or export the report and it shows up fine, it just won't display in the viewer for some reason.  If I remove the sub reports then the report will display?
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Mike McCracken

This article may be useful

If that doesn't help, do the subreports have images?

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the link wasn't my issue, I tried that but no luck,

Yes my subreport does have images
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this does appear to be the problem; I am running vista on my machine, and I am assuming it is preventing it from writing the images. I tried the reports on a machine running XP and they worked just fine.

this is another mark against crystal reports in my books, and the book is filling up very quickley
Why a mark against Crystal?  MS changed the OS.  Vista is very different from XP.

Have you installed the Crystal updates for Vista?

crystal does not have any updates for the oem versions of there products which is what I have (the visual studio .net version)

its crystals fault for attempting to cache data outside of the browsers cache folders, not vista's

Crystal is also grossly ineffiecent. the more I work with it the nastier it gets.
for example crystal posts back and re-runs the entire query for every sub report, it also does this for every page in a report when you print it. so if I have a 40 page report. and I print it, crystal runs the entire query for every page. and the queries themselves are nasty. crystal basiclly does a select all, then narrows the data using my parameters once it has loaded it into the report. I have one report that returns 500MB of data using the query that crystal builds! if this report is 30 pages and the user wants to print it. thats 15GB of data being transfered between the web server and the database server

also has a nice bug where it doesn't close a report in server memory unless you catch the page unload event and specifically tell it to close the report
Crystal has updates for the .net versions.  There isn't one yet for VS 2005

How are you filtering the data?  If you are using Crystal functions then all the data must be returned to Crystal.

I am using VS 2005, this is an old report from version 8.5 and at the momemt there is no data filtering it all loads into crystal, which is what I said, crystal builds a select but ignores your parameters until after it loads the data, this is inefficient, and it will also repeat this query for every page in the report if you print the document
What are the parameters for?  Are they used in the SELECT EXPERT?

they are a date range and they are used in the SELECT EXPERT
Depending on how you use it in the select expert (that is the filtering), Crystal may not be able to pass the filter to your database.

What is in the Select expert.

the Select Expert contains a date range  (From Date, To Date)
What is the exact statement, something like

{YourFIeld}  >= {?FromDate} and {YourField} <= {?EndDate}

essentially yes
If it is just like that then it should be passed to the database for filtering.  If it is different then it may have to be done by crystal.