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Converting from pdf to text, preserving formatiing

Last Modified: 2012-06-27
We publish in our website pages from a magazine which is published every two months.
I am send the whole magazine in pdf format. I am finding the process of converting it into a suitable form for pasting on to a web page very laborious.

If I save an article from the pdf file as text, it has paragraph marks at the end of every line and the boldface is lost. Even with find and replace in Word using the special characters option it is terribly hit and miss and time absorbing.

Is there any other way of streamlining the process? The only formatting I have to preserve is boldface and the paragraphs.
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Unfortunately within Office directly this cannot be done without some work.  You would need to create macros to change the most comoon things and then do the rest by hand.  The only other way to reduce the angst and accomplish this task is with a 3rd party PDF converter.

ABBYY PDF Transformer is the best that I have used.  They have a Try and Buy feature that allows you to use the full version for a trial period.

Others may have used another application.
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Thanks to both of you.
The pdf to Word utility suggested by geneus is excellent but in fact emphaticdigital has solved my particluar problem in a simpler (and less expensive!) way.
'All' was checked. Having unchecked it, I then just did find and replace for two consecutive paragraph marks, replacing them with two line breaks. Then I replaced the remaining paragraphs with nothing and the text is almost right.
Thanks so much.
Have assigned the points to emphaticdigital. Hope you think this is fair.
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