Export Squirrelmail email contacts and import into Outlook contacts

I have a user who is currently using Squirrelmail as his email client.  He would like to export his contacts from Squirrelmail and import them into his local Outlook 2003 client.  Does anyone have instructions on how to do this?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Log into SquirrelMail
Select Addresses from menu bar
Select desired Address Book
Click Export CSV File button at bottom of window
Verify Save it to disk option is selected
Click OK
Set Save in location (Desktop recommended)
Type in filename for address book (or accept default)
Click Save
Sign Out of SquirrelMail
Greetings pankis !

Check if your version of Squirrelmail can export the Contacts as comma, separated (CSV) value format.  If so, export the contacts as CSV file.  Then you can import the CSV file into Outlook.

Hope this helps, war1
pankisAuthor Commented:
I am not very familiar with Squirrelmail, do you have more detailed instructions on how to do this?  Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.
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