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From my network, I cannot browse below link when I use the domain name but I can if I use the IP addrees instead
Below is not working
but this works

Please help how I can trouble shoot this problem..
Thanks in advance..
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More information please...

Is a DNS zone hosted on your network? Even if it's not YOUR zone, if you have a zone file for it in your DNS server, that zone file might be improperly configured. You also could have cached information in your DNS server that might need to be cleared if the host you are trying to connect to recently had it's IP Address changed.

Aside from that, what is the result if you go to a command prompt on your machine and type 'nslookup'?
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No we are not hosting it.
We didn't configure any zone file for this domain address. How can I double confirm????
How can I clear the cash in the server.

Nslookup gives me "No address (A) records available for

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Looks like One of my DNS server was creating this problem. I stopped it and now I can browse the website but I don't know what causes this? I will watch the system until tomorrrow. If I am sure I will remove this DNS server..

Your question on the "Forwarders tab" is showing 2 of my router ip addresses..

The forwarders are going to your router? That could be an issue, unless the router is configured as a DNS proxy, in which case it would then forward the query to wherever it was configured for.

Unfortunately, without more information or seeing things first hand, it's sometimes difficult to help troubleshoot.
Should I add my DNS IP's as forwarder. How would this affect the system..
Well you have two options. If you don't have any forwarders at all, but your root hints tab has entries on it, then it means that your DNS server will go ask the root servers to resolve any queries that your server can't. Otherwise, you could set up your forwarders tab with the IP Addresses of the DNS server that your provider maintains. Ask your internet provider for the IP Addresses of their DNS servers and use them. Then whatever your server can't resolve will be forwarded to your ISP. Let their server do the work of talking to the root servers.
My secondary DNS server was causing the problem..
Glad to hear that you were able to resolve it.
Forced accept.

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