Workstation Moved To New Site: DNS Issue???

We have a mulitple site single domain; Windows 2003 Servers and XP Workstions with Office 2003. We also have Exchange 2003. Each site has a domain controller. All updates are in place. Our WAN is Qwest MPLS.

One of our employees moved to another site yesterday. When he logs in, he can access the entire domain except for email and his Timecard (Powerbulid program with SQL back end). We get a 'Disk or network error' when opening the Timecard and a disconnected status in his Outlook.

Actions so far: Checked NIC and Switch settings; Switched to a new switch port; Removed from the domain and re-added; changed computer name; Flushed DNS on local machine and DCs; Checked DHCP leases; checked network cable; changed to new wall jack.

Events include 25/Outlook; and 615/Security. I rebuilt the local security policy on his machine.

Outlook Web Access works fine. I can ping with no packet loss. Names resolve fine.

I'm at a loss as to what to check next. Any assistance will be appreciated.

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llangrellAuthor Commented:
I found the problem. I checked the NIC to make sure that the settings matched the switch which they did. I did not however, check the frame size. While the NIC was set to Full/100, the frames were set to Jumbo. I am surprised that he didn't have problems while in the first office (which is where the firewall is located). I'm guessing it is because his email and timecard traffic didn't route outside and back in.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
have you actually renewed the DHCP lease
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
check the preferred DNS server setting
llangrellAuthor Commented:
I have. An ipconfig /all shows good lease and is pointing to correct DHCP/DNS servers.
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llangrellAuthor Commented:
This machine was working fine until the move. We have a PIX firewall in place. Everyone else in the site that he moved to is working A-OK. It has been a site on the domain for over 10 years.
llangrellAuthor Commented:
New problem--how do I remove this question?
You can post a 0-point question in the Support area (link is at top right corner of this page) and ask them to close this question. I would suggest asking them to close/save  the question and refund your points.
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