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schedule tasks permisisons

I have created a job on schedule task and would like to have a regular user to run it.
but when they log in and try to open schedule task they get an access denied. How can I allow a regular user to open schedule tasks.

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I generally try to create the scheduled task as the regular user.  

Access denied can also be from the user not having the permissions to do what the task is trying to do.   Manually stepping through the task at least one is a good idea if permissions are in question.

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Right-click task and select Properties > Security tab > add users or groups.
You can set the scheduled task to run as a specified user as well.     Open the task to set the user and password for the task to run.

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I get the acces denied when I try open schedule tasks. So I cant even get to create one. My goal is to create a taks with admin rights but have a regular user run it. I have added the admin user on the task so when it runs it will use the admin user.
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Jeremy Weisinger

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cool I found the same thing, but you get the points :)
Glad you found what you needed. =)