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Custom Popup Menu in Access

EMCIT asked
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I have a form with two list boxes. One box lists positions (bartender, floor, bus, door, etc.) and the other lists employees. Right now I click the positions box and then the employee box and it puts that employee in the selected position. What I want to develop is a popup menu that appears when I right click a record in the employee's box that contains the "positions". When a position is selected I want the code to run that executes the update query. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Yes, see the custom popup menu section on this page..http://www.jamiessoftware.tk/articles/menubars.html


I Googled this page earlier. It doesn't address what I want. I can get it to execute a macro or load a form, table, query, report, etc. but I need the popup to display a list of positions that, when clicked, runs the update query.


Create a menu using macros to perform the designated task. Go to properties and allow shortcut menu and set to the menu you created.


<<Create a menu using macros to perform the designated task>>
How will this create a list of positions that will appear in the popup?
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I have two tables. Employees and Positions. Right now I have each table populating a list box so that I click a position in box one and then click an employee in box two and it assigns that employee to that position through an update query. I want to skip the first box. When you right-click a name in the employees box I want a popup menu that contains the list of positions. When you left click a position it stores the position and fires the update query. Same results, different process. I can create a popup that will open a form or report or table, query, etc. but I can't get the positions list to populate the popup.
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