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How do I get "Debugger Users" Group in Local Users and Groups on Win2003 Server w/ IIS v6?

I am setting up a new web server running Windows 2003 Server.  I installed all the updates and frameworks for the server.  I managed the server and chose to put Application Server role on and chose IIS, ASP, and Frontpage extensions.  I also installed Crystal Reports XI and the Visual Studios 2005 Tool - Remote Debugger.  I just happened to notice now that i installed the 2005 tool on the new server instead of the 2003 tool thats on the old server.  I am wondering how i get the Debugger User group added into the Local Users and Groups\Groups portion of managing my computer.  Any ideas how to get that group added?

Thank you
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Thank you for your answer.  I ended up loading the 2003 Remote Debugger tools and it added the group allowing me to do what i needed to.
You are welcome.  Have a good one!