DVD-ROM drive not recognizing media

I have 2 Panasonic LF-D100 SCSI DVD-ROM drives that I want to use in a new XP Workstation.  My issue is that I can only see and read data from my used cartidges (Panasonic LM-DA52 5.2 GB Rewriteable Type 1), but cannot format nor recognize new media at all (Verbatim DVD-Ram 9.4gb Type 4).  I have no options to format the media and only receive I/O errors when I click on the respective drives.  My Device Manager records the 2 dvd rom drives as :


I have searched for drivers, but come up empty handed, thinking of course that this is my problem.  I am now thingking it might be the new media (although the website states that it is compatible).

I am at mywits end trying to figure this out.  Can someone help me.....please
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I don't think the drive supports the 9.4g type discs
victoriatechAuthor Commented:
Perfect, that is exactly what I thought.
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