export outlook 2003 categories and import them to Outlook 2007

   I have 2 people that share categories in Outlook 2003.  I copied the categories from one persons to anothers persons computer using the registry.  now, I have upgraded one of them to Office 2007.  now the person using 2007 is not able to use the categories.  I tried using the registry to import the Master categories into 2007 again, but the entries are different.   is there any way I can get the categories on the Outlook 2007 machine?

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sonysgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi whowasthat,

There's a discussion on here also


In Outlook 07 right click on the Personal Folder, choose Properties and
click on 'Upgrade to color categories'. That doesn't read your old Master
Category List but should add all categories found in any items of that store
to the new Master List.

Another approach is to use Category Manager, which
> allows importing/exporting between OL03 and OL07.
  Export categories from OL 03 -> OL 07:

Hope that help! :)
Hi whowasthat,

actually there's a similiar case, can actually refer from here

hope that help,


whowasthatAuthor Commented:
thanks for the link, but i tried that.

i exported the entry and it looks like this:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

so i made the change from 11.0 to 12.0, and ran it on the office 2007 computer, and it wont pick them up.
whowasthatAuthor Commented:
  Still no go.  what seems to happen is that only the categories that are already set in outlooks inbox are copied.  
besides using the reg, is there a location were these are help in a file?

The program is not an option, no money will be spent on this.
Outlook 2007 does not use the registry to store Categories. It uses a hidden xml file. We are in similar shape as we had developed a set of Master Categories for our Firm Contacts in Public Folders. This may help if you are into coding or scripting:

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