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Instructions to setup VPN

Hello Experts,
I have tried to run through the process of implementing a simple VPN connection from a Windows XP Pro workstation to a Windows SBS 2003 server.  I believe have have run through all the 'disjointed' processes I shouldhave, but it does not work.  Iam using a simple comcast router with the correct ports opened.  I believe that have setup the tunnel, but I am not sure.  I continue to get error 721 on the workstation and see nothing in the Remote access clients on the server.
Is there somewhere that someone has created a comprehensive beginning to end set of instructions to make this process work correctly?
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Create a DMZ to the server to discard the "opened ports" problem.
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Pardon my ignorance, I have no idea what that means.
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No need to apologize at all. DMZ=Demilitarized Zone; this means that all the ports are forwared form the router to the server.

The configuration that jordibartrina proposes is the one you need to set, but usually I first try with DMZ to avoid any problem with firewalls.
Hello jordibartrina & fmonroy
Thanks that worked to get me in and I am ready to accept as the solution.  I just would like to pursue this a bit more.

I know I am connected to the network and am registered on the network, however I cannot see other computers or access network shares.  Neither does the server see my computer on 'My Network Places'.  However, I can ping the server.  I have setup the computer's name in AD.

Any suggestions?  Is it affecting me that I have already logged the remote PC into my own domain before connecting remotely?
Hello jordibartrina & fmonroy (further to above comment)

I went into the properties of the VPN connection.  Under Network COnnections, TCP/IP Advanced I added the external IP address of the network and the internal address of the server to WINS servers and I can now get into the network and access shared drives.  

Am I on the right track?  As in 'Is this the way I should be doing this?

Thanks very much for your help so far.  It has ben INVALUABLE!
Hello again,

Sorry for this delay in response but I was unable to connect to EE up to now.
Well, if you can ping between devices then you have a good connection TCP/IP, but... it's possible that My Network Places don't show machines in the other side of your router because in most cases routers don't permits broadcast of Windows. Broadcast is the system of Windows for show PC's. This "inconvenient" is for security purposes, but if you want to see al your coleagues you can open these ports:
137 TCP NetBios Name Service
137 UDP NetBios Name Service
138 TCP NetBios Datagram Service
138 UDP NetBios Datagram Service
139 TCP NetBios Session Service
139 UDP NetBios Session Service

I hope this can be useful for you.
Contact again for any other question.

Hello jhillbos,

In response to ID:20007255, yes, you are in a good way.

Don't hesitate contact again.
Hello Experts

I have had success in setting up my VPN connections, mainly because I went to the advanced section of TCP/IP for my connection and in the WINS section I added the external IP address of my Comcast router and the IP address of me server.  This works great for PCs with XP Pro, but NOT for a PC with XP Home.  

Is XP Home my problem or should it work the same as my other PCs?