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How do I refresh the print drivers on a client machine

I have been having problems with one of our printers. When some users print multiple pages or a document multiple times the first page prints followed by a page with this error.

PCL XL error
Subsystem: Kernel
Error: IllegalAttribute
Operator: SetPageScale
Position: 5

I decided to reinstall the printer on the print server (server 2003).
I downloaded the drivers from the manufature, (HP LaserJet 5500). I downloaded the PCL6 Driver.
Then I unintsalled the printer and reinstalled it using the new drivers and it prints fine from the server. But from a workstation it is now not printing at all. The jobs are just backing up in the print queue and say "error". I asume this is because the workstations are trying to use the old driver. How do I get them to refresh their driver from the Print server? I tried removing the printer from the workstation and reinstalling but it did not ask If i wanted to replace the existing driver like my windows vista machine did (which incidentaly is working fine) so again I figure this is the problem.
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Jeremy Weisinger

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Thanks, too bad the old drivers are not deleted automaticaly when you update them on the server.  This worked. Thanks again.
Glad to help. =)