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Multiple Remote Desktop Connections

My Linksys router allows me to designate which IP address will accept remote connections. I have setup a desktop to allow a user to connect via the internet and they are able to come right in to the workstation without any problem. But, I need a second remote connection, too, and I don't have terminal services. How could I configure my linksys or alternate desktop to accept a remote connection without connecting to the default one that this other person logs into? In other words, I want two different PC's to accept remote connections from the Internet and I want to be able to designate which one I connect to using the Remote Desktop feature of XP/Vista. This way, I don't log the other peson off accidently.
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Run the remote desktop service on different port on each server.

Then forward that port in the router

You have to select port as well when you connect tho your host
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I have to choose the first person with the answer. Thank you. This worked.