Windows 2003 Security Permissions for print queues

We have a Windows Server 2003 OS which is used as a Print Server
When we create a print queue, the Built-In Print Operators group doesn't get assigned as a Security group.

How do we assign the Print Operators group to the security of all the print queues by default?

This is causing an issue as we have assigned our Service desk team as members of the Print Operators group so they could manage the print queues in the domain.
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Could use subinacl in script or batch
subinacl  /printer printername /grant "Print Operators"=F

see subinacl /?
part of the windows resource kit or download from MS.
MattNicholasAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but do you know why the print operators group isn't being assigned permissions to the print queues by default

Is there anything I need to set?
MattNicholasAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks.
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