How to keep certain Email addresses out of the IFM filter

The company owner is getting mail from Gmail address, and they are getting caught in our IMF.   Is there a way I can tell Exchange that certain addresses are ok and let thme thru the IMF filter.
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rarnold_6951Author Commented:

Thanks for the reply, and that's what I though.  Thanks for heads up about Tune.  I will look into that.  

There is nothing about theses GMails that should trigger the IMF.  I had a couple sent to me, and they don't have the things in them that would make their score go up

There is practically no white list feature in IMF. You would need to look around for a third party product that can whitelist - IMF Tune is one I can think of. Otherwise you will probably have to ditch IMF and use a commercial product.

Although I have never seen gmail messages caught routinely by IMF before. Perhaps it is something about the messages that are being received? A signature perhaps?

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