XP Professional Open Licensing Question

I want to build 60 business computers instead of purchasing them from a vendor.
I would like to install XP Pro on them.
I do not want to use an OEM license since I am under the impression that I would not be able to image 1 pc and copy it to the other 59.

I have a Microsoft® Windows XP Professional English Upgrade OPEN No Level with a quantity of 10.
I have tried to purchase 60 additional licenses for the above but have been told I can no longer do so.
I have tried to purchase 60 Vista Business complete licenses but they are only available via upgrade.

Does anyone know how to pursue this so I can be legal and use a "master" image?
I thought about purchasing 60 XP Pro OEM's and just using my Open License to actually do the install but I am worried that the licensing will not work since there are more than ten users using that license.

Any help would be appreciated,
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peerlesspumpAuthor Commented:
I did call our vendors and no one could give me the answer. I called Microsoft and was able to get an answer quickly. The answer is YES, you are allowed to install more of your open license software than is on the license provided you have the oem licenses to cover the shortfall. You can go to microsoft.com and look up Reimaging Licensed Microsoft Using Volume Licensing Media. You will find a word doc with the info.

I request this question be closed.
Microsoft Licensing Website

I suggest you contact an Open License Vendor since they are contacted with all the changes.  Here are a few in the US:

CDW   866.782.4239
PC Mall 1-800-555-6255

Insight  800-INSIGHT
peerlesspumpAuthor Commented:
I don't want the question deleted as it may help someone else. It took me awhile to finally answer this question.
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