how to keep row index after datagrid sort

Posted on 2007-10-02
Last Modified: 2013-11-26
I'm using 2005. I have an application that pulls data via data adapter to a dataset which i then use to populate text and combo boxes.  I have a datagrid on the form which is bound to the dataset.  I have set up a cell content click on the datagrid in which the selected row index value  is stored in a variable and then the text boxes are updated from the dataset using that variable because i relate the variable to the dataset row index. Point is if the datagrid is sorted by say "usernames" or whatever,  the index stays the same as the records change.  Is there a way to keep the row index of the datagrid the exact same as it was on the original population of the datagrid regardless  of whether or not a sort occurs?  

Question by:DustinHinkel
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    Here is the post

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    o.k., i think that code is c# cause i just get a syntax error.  I'm using 2005.  Anyway, i tried to do something like this.

    Private Sub DGVData_CellContentClick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewCellEventArgs) Handles DGVData.CellContentClick
            Dim cm As CurrencyManager = _
                       CType(DGVData.BindingContext(DGVData.DataSource), CurrencyManager)
            inc = cm.Position
            lblInc.Text = inc

    inc being the variable i spoke of earlier.  The subroutine navigate records uses inc to hold the value of the current row.  Here is the subroutine just so there's no confusion as to what inc is for:

    Private Sub navigaterecords()

            CBModel.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(1)
            TBSerial.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(2)
            TBAsset.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(3)
            TBUser.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(6)
            CBLocation.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(7)
            cbSchedule.Text = ds.Tables("Inventory").Rows(inc).Item(8)
            DTPDate.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(9)
            tbPrevUser.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(10)
            TBPart.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(11)
            CBEquipmenttype.Text = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(12)

    I guess i don't understand currency manager all that well i though the above code would bind to the datasource and then no matter how datagrid was sorted, would give me the actual position in the dataset, but this still just gives me the position in the datagrid which is not right after sorting.  Any suggestions?
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    The currency Manager keeps track of the data no matter how you have it sorted.

    Look at this post.

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    i hear ya, so why doesn't my code work?  once sorted the currency manager position stays in the same order, but the rows change order.  am i doing something wrong.
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    the datagrid is just a "view".  The currency manager is the actual data.  When you re arrange the view(dataGrid).  The currency manager will never change order.

    Here is the answer.

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    Hey thanks Colemss.  Your article there didn't exactly give me the functionality i wanted.  But i adapted it to work.  Just in case anybody is interested here is what i did.  Bearing in mind that item(0) is my primary key.

    Private Sub DGVData_CellContentClick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewCellEventArgs) Handles DGVData.CellContentClick

            Dim cm As CurrencyManager = CType(Me.BindingContext(DGVData.DataSource, DGVData.DataMember), CurrencyManager)
            Dim dv As DataView = CType(cm.List, DataView)
            Dim temporary As Integer
            Dim dr As DataRow
            dr = dv.Item(cm.Position).Row
            temporary = dr(0).ToString

                If temporary <> ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(0) Then
                    inc = 0
                    Do Until temporary = ds.Tables("inventory").Rows(inc).Item(0)
                        inc = inc + 1

                    lblInc.Text = temporary


                    MsgBox("You are clicking on the current record")

                End If
                Catch exe As Exception
            End Try

    Thanks for your help.
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    Glad to help

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