Why am I getting "Socket Error #10054" errors from this one computer?

I am getting

  Socket Error #10054
  Connection reset by peer

while trying to FTP a file from a VB6 app from one particular computer that is running Windows XP to our server that is running Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0.  If I open 'My Computer' and login to our FTP server and drop the exact same file into the window it comes across just fine.  I am using this exact same VB6 app on many other computer running Windows XP and they all work just fine.

Any ideas?


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qz8dswConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As per http://www.experts-exchange.com/Security/Q_20623194.html
More than likely the application is using a port that is being blocked by the machines own firewall.

Check the application settings in the firewall and compare it to a machine where it works, more than likely on one that works there will be an exception for your program setup.

According to M$ @  http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms740668.aspx
this error is a  Connection reset by peer.
An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. This normally results if the peer application on the remote host is suddenly stopped, the host is rebooted, the host or remote network interface is disabled, or the remote host uses a hard close (see setsockopt for more information on the SO_LINGER option on the remote socket). This error may also result if a connection was broken due to keep-alive activity detecting a failure while one or more operations are in progress. Operations that were in progress fail with WSAENETRESET. Subsequent operations fail with WSAECONNRESET.

In your case it probably has to do with some of the parameters you're using in VB to setup the ftp connection
Todd_AndersonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Terry.  Since this same piece of software works everywhere it is installed except for this one computer I suspect that you are right.  I was focusing on the server since the message seemed to point to the server but this makes a lot more sense.

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