Exchange 2007 OWA coexistence with Exchange 2003

Environment: 1 ISA 2004 server, 1 Exchange 2003 Server also hosting the OWA site, 1 new Exchange 2007 Server with CAS/Transport/Mailbox/OWA

We are moving from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 and have moved a couple of mailboxes for testing.  Currently, we cannot access a mailbox on the Exchange 2007 server via OWA from the Internet.  We CAN access the mailbox on the internal network with Outlook or OWA.
OWA access from the Internet is using SSL.  We created a new certificate for the Exchange 2007 the same as was done years ago for the Exchange 2003 server.

If from the Internet, I enter: this takes us to our Exchange 2003 server provided the mailbox is on it.  If the mailbox is one that was migrated to Exchange 2007, a second prompt is provided to enter credentials and the browser just times out not connecting.

If I enter: I get a page cannot be found error 404
If I enter: I'm asked for credentials but then it just times out again.

There are two seperate publishing rules on our ISA 2004 server for the external ip which directs to each corresponding Exchange server.

Hope someone can give me some things to check, we are wanting to migrate users to Exchange 2007 next week during our fall break at school.
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jenningskConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We went to ISA 2006 and was able to make things work.

I'm not sure if you can get away with two seperate publishing rules for OWA. These articles may help.
jenningskAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mass2612, i'll look at the articles.  I forgot a detail in the original description which i've just verified what is happening.  
Both external mail servers are using the same public ip address.  Even though there are two publishing rules on ISA, the second one for Exchange 2007 seems to be ignored.
If I enter: it actually takes me to the
I figured this out by creating a new virtual directory on the Exchange 2003 server which has IIS on it, made a web page with "Hello World" on it and it is pulled up.

So, can't ISA 2004 handle https traffic going to two different servers using the same external ip address? I guess not....  I didn't assign the external ip address but I can get it changed tomorrow...
jenningskAuthor Commented:
Found this about using a wildcard certificate for multiple ssl sites using the same ip.

jenningskAuthor Commented:
Update:  Changed server to use a different external ip address, called ISP to unblock port 443 and 25.
I can now reach the login screen but it will not authenticate.  I've tried everything I can think of to check comparing to our Exchange 2003 envirnoment it should work....
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