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I need help with our network configuration. We have an office with about 70 users and 4 servers. Our current configuration is this: T1 > Cisco 1800 > Sonicwall 3060 Firewall > Netgear 24port GB switch. The switch goes out to several other switches throughout the office.
We seem to have some bottlenecking out to the internet. My guess is the bottlenecking is occurring on the switch behind the firewall. We are thinking of upgrading to a Cisco 2960G (48 ports all gigabit). Is this overkill or is our configuration not optimal?
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Your bottleneck is most likely your T1.  70 users plus 4 servers all presumably on gigabit would not take very much to overload your T1.  Your T1 is 1.5Mbps, one user on gigabit (1000Mbps) could easily monopolize the bandwidth downloading a large file, streaming video, or a complicated web page.  If you're having issues with users getting timeouts or connections dropping then you may want to look into traffic prioritization to ensure important traffic gets through and no single user can monopolize all the bandwidth.
Any updates?
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