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Cloning my hard disk using Norton Ghost 12

I'm going to clone my 40G HD to a 120G HD using Norton Ghost 12. The 2nd HD had been used by win XP before. Please check if my steps are correct.

1. Configure 40G HD as Master and 120G HD as slave. Boot up Win XP and run Ghost from the lst HD..

2. Use the copy disk feature, selecting the Check source for file system errors, Check destination for file system errors, Set drive active (for starting OS) and Copy MBR options.  

3. Disconnect the 1st HD  & configure the 120G HD as master.

4. Boot up from a win98 floppy diskette. Use the FDISK /MBR command

5. Boot up from the new cloned HD

Is that it?

1 Solution
All correct except for 4th step.
With win98 disk you will not be able to "see" NTFS partition, so, if the first time you start with new disk it does not makes a scandisk automatically, you will have to restart, reboot and boot from windows setup cd, and repair system by entering fixboot and fixmbr
- Configure the drives as master and slave as you said.
- Insert Ghost CD in CDROM and set boot from CDROM in bios.
- Restart system, you should see DOS base and follow on screen
- Select clone "disk to disk", not partition to partition.
- Do not assign drive letter at this time, copy MRB as well as select format as you wanted.
- When clone finsihed successfully, exit and remove ghost CD.
- Power down system and reconfigure the drive. The cloned drive should be master now, and do not install old drive at this time.
- Boot system as first time.
- Verify everything that works.

You ghost same system only change drive, so you wont need to run FIX MRB or any repair. System should work right away since there is NO HAL (hardware changed at all).
chpearAuthor Commented:
I am trying to use Norton Ghost 12 'Copy My Hard Drive' feature. Think booting from the CD-ROM method refers to Norton Ghost 2003 which I do not have.

I just wanna confirm whether running  FIXBOOT & FIXMBR from the Windows setup CD are the final steps to make my new drive bootable?

Yes, insert XP cd in and do that, if that is not help, you might have to run repair installation.
Forced accept.

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