New router and new WIC

I am currently using Cisco 1720 with T1 DSU/CSU.  Office will upgrade to DS-3 next week.  I don't want to continue to use 1720 since it is an old router.  I want to purchase a new one with a new WIC which can handle DS-3 line (will be 9Mbps at first and can be upgraded upto 45Mbps on the fly).  I like to see if you guys can help with the following questions.
Any suggestion on a new router (which model)
Currently router configuration can be imported to new router
Can I continue to use current T1 DSU/CSU for the new router and for DS-3?  If not, Which DS3 DSU/CSU should I purchase?
I appreciated all of your suggestions
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you cannot use a T1 DSU for a DS3. You need a NM-T3/E3 module that will not fit in your 1700 router.
Check the requirements here:
If you want to go full rate T3 (45Mb) then you need at least a 3825
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