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Please visit the following site and look at the border around the bottom table. You will see that the right border does not quite line up with the right-borders of the tables above it. I've tried several things, but none have worked. How can I fix this so that the right borders line up? Thanks.
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the following site?
isaacr25Author Commented:
Sorry... here it is:
you shouldn't mix % widths with pixel widths in most cases. in the upper tables, you are using %100 for the table width, and in the bottom table, you use 766 pixels. that makes the difference, as the upper tables are not required to be 766 pixels wide. also, when you give a width to a table, the cell widths will be in the second plan. they can increase the width of the table, but not decrease.

so begin with a new, simpler design, make all the tables 766 pixels wide, with no % widths. after that, watch the page in every step to see if the addition breaks the table widths. you can for example, make a table with xxx pixels wide, and put a table in it using %100 width. but don't mix different type of values in one table.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

Mr. Robot is right.  Another tip would be to get Firefox and the Web Developer extension for it.  With that, you can outline every table on the page and use that to see where something has gone rogue and is taking your design in the wrong direction.

When I used it on your site, I notice that there is something next to the footer table that is one or pixels wider than the rest of the elements.  That's what causing the break.
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