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MS Outlook 2003:  When starting Outlook get an error message:  Personal Folders was not closed properly scanning for errors.  This takes about 5 minutes to complete:  Cannot get new mail to download takes a extreme amount of time.  Close out by going to FILE.....Exit.  Start again and get same error.  I have removed Office Suite and reinstalled.  Installed on 2 different drives in the computer get the same issue?
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Change outlook to where it does not run in cached mode:
Cached mode isn't the issue here.  The isue is either the size of the .pst file in question or some contant in the .pst that is corrupted.

Reduce the size of the .pst to less than 2 GB (yea, I know it is supposed to be fixed but it is still problematic sometimes), then export the .pst to a new .pst file.
Changing from cached mode will allow Outlook to open and function correctly.  Sure, the issue is probably from the size of the mailbox, but cached mode attempts to download info. locally and can hinder the performance of the machine when the mail file is large.
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