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Can't retrieve email consistently, Constant POP3 connector errors - event id's: 1019, 1023 & 1036

1. Server 2003 for SBS.
2. ISA as proxy and firewall setup.
3. Exchange server for email.
4. 2x Network cards, one for LAN, other connects straight to ADSL modem (1.5Mbit).
5. Connects to the net via ISA and shares the net via proxy to all users.
6. Email resides on external mail server until retrieved by Exchange Server.
7. Mailboxes are setup in POP3 connector all settings are correct.

This SETUP has been in place with no faults for over 2yrs.

1. Troubles Retrieving/Sending emails.
2. Firewall issues with some applications and websites.
3. On server hard restart Internet Connection deletes its self, we then have to run the Connections wizard and re-enable our packet filters.

1. Outgoing email issues were fixed initially by changing SMTP server to alternate and disabling ETRN.
2. Email queues were back to normal and there has been no queue issue since.
3. Randomly Users have sent emails to find they haven't been received by the receipient.

1. POP3 Connector was thought to be the issue with receiving emails because of all the errors it lists in the Event Logs.
2. Event IDs 1019, 1023 & 1036 were checked on www.eventid.net - it was something causing POP3 Connector to act inproperly.
3. All Exchance related services were then restarted with no success, email still remained on external mail server.
4. It was a Firewall issue, I restarted ISA Server Control services and all emails came flooding, all firewall issues were fixed.

So naturally i thought i'd fixed the issue, however the POP3 Connector errors keep coming up and the entire issue repeats its self every morning.

Every Single  Morning i have to restart all the ISA and Exchange related services to fix the email and firewall issues, so its like it works for several hours and then it mucks up again.
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1 Solution
Is everything patched and service packed up to the current levels?
siacomAuthor Commented:
Actually at this point, not everything is patched or updated, this is due to there being no time available for it to be completed, as it is in use 24/7 by users in two different time zones.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
That's ridiculous.  If a server is in use 24/7, then that's even MORE reason you need to keep it patched and updated.  Doing so would be significantly LESS of an interruption than having their email go down every morning!

But that aside, please post the EXACT error message you are seeing for Event ID 1036 which will have the pertinent info that's causing this problem.

You should also be aware that the POP3 Connector is not designed to be a permanent solution.  It's there to assist you in making the transition to SMTP Email using Exchange the way it was designed to be used.

siacomAuthor Commented:
OK   -   The server wasn't that out of date just a few basic security patch updates, it is now Up-To-Date now, however before hand i discovered that the issue resided with our ISP, they had not supplied us with the new DNS Server ip's.

Once i filled in the new DNS servers everything worked fine with no errors including email downloads via POP3 Connector, this fault was caused by our ISP not providing important info obviously.

So evidently updates weren't of issue.

However now out of random i received an error that is also listed on this site:
This error came up 3 times between a 30minute period, it hasn't come up again for at least 4 hours

Also we will be steering away from the POP3 Connector soon, however as this server is a clients server, certain procedures have to be approved otherwise we won't get paid to implement them... This is a burden we have to deal with.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Well, here's what you can advise your client of:

You can troubleshoot the above error by following all the steps outlined in this KB article:

Or you can implement SMTP Email, which will probably take a bit less time, and will provide them a much more robust email service.


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