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PHP While Loop drop down menu problem

I have this problem with a while loop that keeps returning the first initial of someone's name when it runs. I want the full name. The loop is designed to create a drop down list that works fine, except for this stupid inconsistency. I checked the database, and the full name is definitely there. The last name comes out fine, so I dont know where the problem is. Here is the code:

$resulttwo=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM employees WHERE empnum>=1 ORDER BY firstname ASC") or die(mysql_error());

$displayth ='<select name="th" id="th">';


while ($rowtwo=mysql_fetch_array($resulttwo))
$displayth .='<option value="' . $empid[$p] . '">' . $firstname[$p] . " " . $lastname[$p] . '</option>';
$displayth .= '</font><font size="2" face="Eras Demi ITC">';

$displayth .='</select>';

echo $displayth;
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1 Solution
I see nothing wrong with your code. I realize you've checked your database, but it would probably be a good idea to check your output as well. Instead of using $firstname[$p] for your option text, try using $rowtwo['firstname']. Find out what's actually being pulled from the database. Also, since you're calling the variables as associative arrays, it might be a good idea to change "mysql_fetch_array" to "mysql_fetch_assoc".


This probably won't fix your error, but it might improve your performance slightly.
jcbodyworksAuthor Commented:
I just looked through the entire code of my site, turns out I have another variable like this:


this was causing the problem. I changed the variable, so now everything works like a charm! Thank you!
Hey, good job! Thanks for the points, and good luck.

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