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Is there any up-to-date definitive resource which explains how to get FreeBSD (6.2) to authenticate against Active Directory (in my case Windows 2003 R2 which includes SFU).  There are a few informative articles floating around, but most date back to 2004/2005 and most involve the use of Samba and Winbind (I'd like to avoid this if possible).

I don't really know what is possible here, I'm coming from only a basic understanding of how things like pam work.  Would I have to configure every service separately to use Active Directory or could I tell FreeBSD to blindly rely on AD for user authentication?

I read about pam_mkhomedir, so users could have homedirs created automatically when they logged in.  Is this possible in FreeBSD?  Would I be able to map this automatically to their existing "My Documents" folder which is redirected to the network by group policy?

Please feel free to tell me what can/can't be done and if doing so is a good/bad thing.  I can explain bits in more detail if needed.

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
This is about all I could find
I am not familiar with FreeBSD enough to be able to convert the information included in this link to this system, however, it is designed for two systems - Solaris and Linux, and should give you the basic hard-core guidelines for the task at hand.
Forced accept.

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