PCAnywhere Keylogger

We have a PC running PCAnywhere so the company providing support for the application can login and make changes when ever they fell like it.  An agreement that only an accountant, with no IT knowledge what so ever could make; and not one that the IT dept. can change.  So we would like to install a key logger to monitor their activity.  Does anyone know of an application that is effective and invisible.

Windows XP Pro and PCA 9.X

Thanks in advance,    
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Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
I've used quite a few, and they are all similar in appearance and the workings. A keylogger persay is not exactly what you want. A keylogger is a hardware or software device that records keystrokes from the local keyboard. What you want is spyware.
Here are a few, the first one is my personal favorite, I like the second one too. The other two are in case you don't like the first ones.



Hope this helps,
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